Sunday, February 5, 2012

[Image]Some more useless info about me part deau ( that french for two)

26- I put left sock on, then left shoe on, repeat on other side not sock sock shoe you didn't know that little gem.

27-I'm the worst speller on the planet.

28-I hand wash my dishes because I don't have a dish washer, but I do them in a very
particular order

29-I like things organized but to look at my house you would never know it.but it's organized for me.

30-I wish I could sing really really well or just sing so people could stand listening to me would be OK too.

31-Another thing I would like to do would be confidant speaker in front of a crowd

32-When and if I read it has to interest me right away or forget it. I know it's good to read but I would rather go on pintrest.ha ha.

33-I try for the most part to be positive and try not to worry, for worry takes away today ,what might not happen tomorrow.

34-I really miss my Mom.

35-t.v. shows I like are the bachelor, pan am ,and bomb girls,

36-When I was about 14, Darlene, Ron and I were watching a Carry on movie, and we were all killing our selves laughing ,Dad was trying to sleep and he got up to yell at us,He ended up watching it with us.That's when my love of British humor began.

37-I can't read with my glasses on.

38-I have very good hearing, most of my family don't

39-I'm a cat person not a crazy cat lady.Dogs really kinda suck ( except Meryl right Tracy)

40- Sometimes I have a hard time getting rid of stuff, and no I'm not a hoarder

41-I would like to be able to do different accents.41-I really hate exercising ,so I don't lol

42-I like romantic comedy's,well i just like any comedies

43-I got my ears pierced when I was 9. I had to go to the have it done. that was the only place to get it done unless you did it yourself with an ice cube and a needle . Which i did for aunt Gwen. Her one ear had grown over I re pierced it using that method.I was about 12.

44-I like to stay up late and get up late , but I usually go to bed late and get up early.I just cant sleep the way i used to.

45-I have a high pain threshold.

46-I cry at sad movies

47-This is getting hard to come up with things to tell

48-I take showers, not baths

49-I have compassion for others.

50-my feet have been itichy for 20 years

Sunday, January 15, 2012

100 things about me

I'm going to try to do the challenge Heather, so here goes

1-I 'm really proud of my kids

2-I loved to dance(took ballroom dancing lessons 100 years ago good times)

3-I have a way with cats

4-hoodies are way better than sweaters

5-I like to make old things new again

6-I wish I knew more about computers( and no I'm not going to more classes I will just bug people to help me, thank you very much)

7-I miss girls night out

8-I'm not a good house keeper

9-I like nice things

10-I haven't had much time to paint and I miss it

11- I have expensive taste

12-I really am a softy I just try not to show it

13-If I had grandchildren I would really love them

14-I hope people think well of me

15-I love diet coke and it loves me

16-I have the best sister in the world

17-I love love British comedy

18-I like to make fancy food

19- I have acquired the traveling bug

20-I drive to fast

21-saying that, I would like to drive in an all ladies drag race and beat the crap out them

22-I love a good laugh

23-I hate overbearing men

24-spring and fall are the best seasons

25-hate clutter, but always seem to have some

to be continued( but no promises)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

9 Things I'm Thankful for

1-I have just the right family for me . I think their great.

2-I have a job that I never thought I would ever have.

3-I'm very grateful to have a roof over my head, even if it's 10 degrees lower than anyone Else's in the winter .You see I have a very cozy green blankie that Toad gave me that I wear like a second skin in the frosty months.( in the house that is. I might get taken for a short Yettie if I wore it out side)

4-I'm grateful that I'm kind of a creative person. Being able to fix stuff and have hobbies to keep myself entertained.

5-I'm grateful for the giant hoodie housecoat that I made ,it is so comfy.( did I mention that it gets cold in here.)

6- Hazel she is a really good cat.

7-I'm very grateful that I get to go on a really great holiday before I die.

8-I'm grateful for T.V.

9-chocolate and diet coke need I say more.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hillbilly Hash

Sam might come home for Thanks Giving but he's not sure yet. He won't know until the last minute I hope he can we miss him. When he comes home, he's in for a real treat. I'm going to make him a special meal of turtle.Blaaaaa!

He won't want to go back.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pumpkins for Sale

It took 4 of us about a week to pick them. We did it after work and on weekends.We have gourds, colored corn, squash and lots of pumpkins. I think Des has earned the name Pumpkin King . Hope we sell them all!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Who said Housework ....

Well there's a nip in the air and you know what that means . Thats right it's pumpkin season. Between Des , Sarah, Shania and myself we have picked about 10 half ton truck loads of pumpkins and squash. I'll post pictures soon.I need Sarah's camera ,mine doesn't work right. We have a few new varities this year.There is one that is a soft coral colour and it looks like there is peanut shells stuck all over it, it's my new favorite.

Now that we are almost finished picking everything, maybe I can get my house in order.I need to knock down all the cob webs and clean my windows, wash fans and put them away,and maybe clean some cupboards.The other day my neighbor(that I dont see very often) came over to get some corn, and we started talking about Sam and she followed me into the to get Sams address.
It NEVER FAILS every time she comes over, my house looks like a bunch of raging maniacs have run thru the house leaving a trail of debris in their wake. She must think we are a bunch a filthy pigs.I don't think she has ever seen this house clean .To my defence it does get cleaned up once in a while and after all I've been picken pumpkins. I just wish Jean would get to see it clean , just once. House work is such a drag....